This is a definitely book for serious lovers of history, legal arguments, or journalism. If it isn’t required reading at the college level, it should be. Did you know Americans have not always had a free press? At one time, to speak or write about government corruption, even when it was true, could get you […]

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Real Mulch vs. Rocks Does it Matter?

In the Garden with Maria

One of the most frequent questions I get from neighbors is, “Why do you use pine straw for mulch instead of the rocks our landscaper encouraged us to use?”

Pine Straw - mlm cThe first thing to understand is that the sandy soil here is almost worthless, and needs to be amended with good top soil, cow or chicken manure, or compost, then covered with a good thick layer of a biodegradable mulch that will continually nourish your plants and trees, retain moisture, keep roots cool, and prevent weed seeds from getting enough sunlight to germinate.

The second thing to understandis that your landscaper wants your money — as much of it as possible. Rocks are far more expensive than good biodegradable mulch, and aside from being temporarily low-maintenance, there is nothing good rocks can or will do for your plants. Why do I say temporarily low-maintenance? Because they are rarely, if ever, put…

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